Friday, November 03, 2006

Got to stay Fresh!

A year has passed and I can celebrate so much...
1. I've had my marketing job for a year
2. I've had my restaurant job for a year
3.I've been in culinary school for a year
4.I am one bad a** mofo for the past 23 years and 7 months.
But besides all that I need a revamping (?). I've been doing the same junk every week of every month the same.

I was sitting in class last night and I wanted to pull a "get yo hand at my pocket" moment and storm out. I was bored... My life seems like it’s passing by with no progress just the same weekly routines. I mentor, coach, work, and go to school. And my abs are back in full effect from their temporary beer vacay. That's a lot of hats and not once have I complained because I can quit all of them but I'm bored...

See white people do drastic stuff whenever they need change so that’s one page I'm not going to take out of their book plus I ain't got any money. But one thing I'm going to do is quit the restaurant job. I need my weekends back and I don't want to be there anymore. A year's enough and a lot anyway. I want to concentrate on my cooking because that restaurant is a job I want culinary to be my career. I feel that I haven't taken this serious and I spend too much money not to.

Now I wish I had one job that paid enough and was what I wanted to do and gave me time to grow as a person outside of the job but that's not my ideal profession. I like that parable or story or whatever about the Bulls:

There was a young bull and an old bull at the top of the mountain. As they stared down at the hills the young bull said lets run down and bang some of those cows. The older, wiser bull said lets walk and bang them all...

I was the young bull this past year and boy are my legs tired (j/k)... I want to be the wiser bull and walk now. My job is just that my job. My career is something greater. Now there is no quit in me... I've never folded but I have moved on. There is no present challenge that I'm not willing to face; I guess that's why I'm doing this.

My income will decrease that means no fresh shoes for a while but that's the life I choose. Stay classy San Diego and have a good weekend.

A wise man once said: "the"

I'm Gonna Get you Sucka

Well I found a picture of the mofo who stole my stereo and knife. Be on the look out for a male 5'12- 6'8 , 130- 310 lbs., wearing a white tee and blue jeans. He is known to go by Chauncey... He has a barb wire tattoo and a rose with his cat's name, Petunia, on his left bicep. He is said to speak with a thick Delaware accent and tends to studdard when excited He has a I love lamp shirt with some timberlands his moms let him borrow. Since he has my knife he is considered to be armed and dangerous. He has no car let alone a set of headphones, he enjoys listening to D4L and Tony Bennent. so be on the look out for a punk a** mofo with a stereo looking to sell it for some crack. If you have seen this man proceed with complete confidence of whoopin' his ass. and call 1 800 SNITCH. Thanks Y'all

2 fingers up

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Have you said Hi to Gene Lately?

Greetings Advocators... mostly people... What's happening. Well I just want to emphasize the importance of washing yo' a**. I heard on the radio today only 75% of Americans wash from head to toe. Well I'm not one of them because clearly I scrub the bottom of my foot too. I sit back here with kind of a writer's block... Funny stuff happens to me but I just forget until later. But this junk is not funny.

Wash yo’ a**. That's a good way to start every paragraph just to emphasize the point. I look at people and observe their actions all the time. Now there are no co-workers who read this so, I'mma talk about they ass. My feet are no Da Vinci or what every but I keep them lotion-end. There is a lately in the office whose feet look like she been kickboxing chalkboards. Yo, her customs are of a different hemisphere but lady rock open toed shoes the wrong way and you shall be clowned.

Wash yo a**. Now there's a new guy during my day job that has a scent of a dump truck late in the afternoon. I don't talk to him much but he just asked my sister if she had a plunger. I plan on holding my piss for the rest of the day, enough said. Out of the 5 men that work in the office 3 wash their hands before exiting the bathroom (That I know of). Don't shake my hand.

Wash yo a**. Clearly Hygiene is important to me. I keep a pack of gum in the car, club, work, whatever because you can't always get to a toothbrush. Especially in the club. I've had women ask me for my number in the club and this usually lands at the 1 o’clock 2 o’clock hour. That means they weave is sweat they pits are harsh and there breath is quite tart. Now don't get me wrong I can spell my breath when its funky but that's when a pack of orbits immediately discharges in my mouth (pause). You get what I'm saying because whispers aren't supposed to stink. And you shouldn't smell thru your ears. So in closing I just want to say, brush your teeth 3 times a day, floss every night, wash your face between hibernations, and get every crevice possible on your body. In other words...

Wash yo a***

Also by the suggestion of one of my loyal readers (chuckle) I will be posting recipes of the week. I am trying to be a chef. Look for one next week and every week after that because before I tell someone to do something I want to do it myself. Shout out to Miss C. Smith :-)

Also tell your friends about the blog. And leave a comment, stop sending emails. Keep it funky but Wash yo a**

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

That Damn Meter Maid

I had a chance to take out the nusance of the 100 block of Mkt street Wilmington DE. But it would be a worthless crime because then she would be replaced by some other rookie who was hungry to piss off somebody else's day. She crossed on my green light and I could have sent her away but thought of a crime is a crime anyway so this story is completey fictional. I don't even have a job in this story because if she does end up hurt or dead, I don't want the conspiracy to come back to me.

I think I'm gonna start riding the bus but that cost just as much money as gas. I would ride a bike but there's no route you could take that would be safe and I'd be damned if you caught me in a helmet. Thats the only options we got round here. Or somebody could pick me up but what if I want or have to leave... lose lose situation. The parking lot is too damn expensive nowadays and probably going to get worse so I opted out of that contract.

Today is also a joyous day... I have held not one but two jobs for a year. Thats saying a whole lot when it comes to me and work. Prior to this I worked at a restaurant for like 8 months and quit cause I was lazy. The other jobs no more than 3 months and that like 20 jobs. Well I do own the hotdog cart and thats like 1 year and 5 months so I guess I just lied. Yea and I do own a hotdog cart, don't be hating. Nothing much to talk about. Oh yea got my car back this week and driving around with head phones is wack. I used to look at people like that and laugh, now I'm my own joke. Also what's up with this damn weather? Global Warming or what.

Keep it Funky!
Shout out to Monday Night :-)

Non- Subliminal/ Non Incriminating Pictures

I don't want or need to send any subliminal messages so shout out to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Morning they were all good times... I guess you can say Saturday Night/ Sunday Morning....

Picture of WSSU bus, I didn't take a picture of me leaking a uno on it but I did cause I was drunk.

This car looks like a golf cart but It was actually in traffic. We believe Mercedes made it... An Asian guy was driving it, they are always up on the technology. I'll Post later as well....Holla

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I Forgot Today was Halloween

Whaddup. I forgot that today was Halloween but went to my little sister's school for their little "parade". All the kids were dressed up and even some of the teachers/faculty participated. A lot of things caught my eye and a lot of things had me thinking hard.

So at one point I was standing by myself and these two ladies came up to me and thought I was just a lonely dad. In my mind I was thinking: I ain't got no damn kids but I quickly responded that my little sister was the reason for the season. White people are so chipper in the morning. I can't deal with people well until I have my cinnabon.

Now on to the costumes. Some kids or parents are real creative, originality was off the hook. I was feeling the kid that was an ipod. That took thought down to every detail. Even the kid who had incorporated his sprain ankle in to the costume. Then came the Negro moments. This one kid had a stop-snatching shirt. His parents were wrong for that. The other little boy who had a red with zebra trim pimp costume can't even explain that to his teacher.

The funniest part of the whole thing to me is the black folks who whipped out the camera phone and started flashing away. The white people all had there high tech digital cameras with the video and super extra sleek slim Sony’s. Picture it little Roquon walking in his pimp suit and dad whips out the New Crack berry to take a picture while Amanda's dad Bob whips his new JVC mobile home theater out to tape this monumenotus occasion. Some people’s parents forgot that they had to dress up and sent them to school with a suit (Donald Trump), an apron (Cheap Super Hero), Glasses (Harry Potter), A vote for Pedro shirt (Napoleon Dynamite) or baseball hat (I don’t know what he was) Maybe cause I'm not a parent, I wasn't into it. Halloween is just an excuse for card companies to capitalize on people who actually by cards.

My mom never wanted us to go trick or treating and I was never into it anyway. The one year we did me and my cousins wore hoodies and had big ol' trash bags to collect. That’s like a job and people probably were like "let me give this Negro some candy before he comes back later and robs me". The teachers that were dressed up were, I guess doing their job but come on, One teacher was dressed up as a woman. My thought is that confuses these kids man, knock it off Why is Mr. Smith dressed like my mom?. And the one teacher as a hippie. Now the kids are going to be like "What do hippies do?" and what you gonna say except medicinal experimentation person who sits in cornfields in the 70’s and protest for the rights of cats and monkeys. That was a funny morning. Now back to work. Everybody has a funny Halloween story... don't be afraid to share.

2 fingers Up.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Welcome Home 2006

Good day again my peoples...I was in a bad mood about the whole car situation last week but there were three things that made me feel better:

1. The old lady at path mark thought I was handsome and needed to smile.
2. The Coonery we call "Flavor of Love" had they reunion special.
3. Some of the best looking women God has to offer returned to Hampton U for homecoming.

Bonus: I took a piss on WSSU bus cuz they were staying at the same hotel where the party was this weekend. Post a pic later.

Anyways, the weekend went by pretty much calm. No true mishaps but a lot of why don't you call me type stuff. The typical answer to that was I got a new phone. But people who use that never follow up. So you got to say I got a new phone and didn't put all the numbers in yet.

Shout out to the football team who won 13-3. Don't want to be that old school mofo who be like when we was playing we used to blow 'em out at homecoming. It was a sloppy game but sloppy is better than a "pretty defeat". Shout out to Dr. D for letting us stay at her crib. Breakfast every morning and no checkout time.

The parties were a big mixture of either under-crowded or over-crowded. Exactly what I expected. There used to be years when there was nothing to do at homecoming, now it seemed like there was to much. Tried the party hoping thing but that seemed tiring after a while.

As for the people I saw and didn't: There were the typical people who always say hi, regardless of what's going down. Then there's the people who look at you then look away, then call you 5 minutes later and be like: "I saw you but you didn't see me" That's Hampton for you. Then there's the, “we really have nothing to talk about” folk. Like that cat you cheated off of in Calculus and got a better grade then. Or the summer fling that gives the HBCU hug, smiles and flashbacks of the fling come to mind. Or that janitor who was cool with everybody but you thank God he forgot your name because that would be embarrassing. Or the girl you had a crush on sees you and compliments you then flashes her engagement ring and you be like damn never mind. I wasn't reckless at all. I was a tamed animal. All in all I had good time... Shout out to all my Hamptonions past present and future. Also shout out to Friday night :-) and the extra phone call I got Sunday on the way home.

Leave some love and Stay blessed my peoples.

Quote of the Week

"She know she don't need to be wearing them applebottom jeans... that's a disgrace to applebottom." -James A.