Thursday, October 26, 2006


Whaddup folks, ib here again and today I just wanted to touch on something that is going to effect the rest of my life. That’s right my career. Right now I have a job actually three and never would any of them be my career. I don't want to end up like one of my co-workers who have been serving since she was 12. Now she's 35. That would be a big disappointment. I definitely don't want to be sitting at this desk forever checking emails and crap.

So my question is, what now? I want to go off on a new business venture but with all the cost and monthly payments that occur, that is not happening any time soon. Right now I'm in a crossroads in making a decision that can and will affect my life. One path (the one I'm currently on) leads to freedom to do more. The other path has me going down the road to an eventual career. But I'm young I got the next 30 years to do my career. I should just stick with the job.

One of the Mexicans that work in the kitchen says I do too much. See, I finally figured out these damn Mexicans, they want all the jobs for themselves, its not that they want to do something the "brother man" won't do. There just like everybody else, they want you to be mediocre so you don't make them look bad. The misconception is that people think I'm doing too much but I'm probably not. I don't think I'm doing enough. I feel that I should be bigger than what I am now. I have the personality and charm (my hands are up, I'm not feeling myself) that can succeed to do great things. It’s just that the opportunity has made a pit stop at my doorstop as yet. So the answer is a simple cliché: Take one day at a time. If anyone reads this, no post tomorrow. Going back to my home by the sea for homecoming, guaranteed there would be a story to tell. So check me out on Monday. Stay blessed people.

ps. this whole car thing has got my schedule all messed up. I'm all over the place with my regular things and priorities all jacked up. Its not that the stereo and knife was a major lost but the after effects got me looking unorganized.

Out. ib

That could be....

Can You guess what this is... a cruise to... the rubber duckey in your bath tub is at steak. And if you know don't spoil it.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Post #2: The Inspiration

I had to make 2 posts today because of my car being broken into. So if anyone reads this, which doesn't seem that they do... let me get you over the hump.

I want Wednesday to be a day of good fortune and a day to overcome the hump. Wednesday is a tough day because it’s the day of the week that lands you flat in the middle with a lot or a little to do. For me it’s busy as hell but which day isn’t. So read, if anyone does that.

Everyday is never a repeat to me. I'm always on the run and can't find a real dull moment at the present but it's never like for everyone else.

The advice for today is to signup for something that you have never done before. Some ideas: yoga, pilates, aerobics, BALLROOM DANCING, bowling league, ART CLASS, shooting range, karate, organized sport, etc. The ones in caps are the ones I'm looking into so don't be stealing. The Dancing part you need a partner with so I have to wait to find the right young lady. The art class conflicts with schedule right now. But the purpose of this is to stay active. Refresh your life; the main activity that leads to depression is no activity in my opinion. Stay busy... keep your mind off the daily rigors of work, school, family, or car troubles! Stay active my people and do something you always wanted to do. I hope this post has inspired you to tackle the hump with the rest of the week.

Stay blessed my people.


I was caught slippin':

Today was suppose to be inspiration Wenseday, just to ge tover the hump. But due to yesterdays mishaps, I would like to do a little of both.

Well, my vehicle was broken into yesterday. This truck has been a headache in the making. New tires added this Monday. The arm rest fell apart and now this... It reminded me immediately of Menace 2 Society. The part where Kane was like: "oh you a baller? you a baller? give me that sh**?" It happened between 5-9:45pm. It was one of those aww sh** moments.

I got in felt a draft noticed my stereo missing and was like damn damn damn. Well since the theif probably can't read, and probably doesn't blog let me say this: You are a cramp in society's stomach and you make me sick. To steal from someone who works hard for they stuff is of the lowest crimes in society. I wish I would have caught you and beat the crack out of your system. Your crimes are petty. I have friends who stole radios when we were like 12, step your game up. The radio has something called depreciation and it's worth $15 now. I brought that over 5 years ago and you didn't realize that there were over $400 worth of knives right next to you.

Over it.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

What's on your ipod?

So you say you don't have one? Figures. You’re the jerk off in traffic fumbling around wit your cd’s, holding on to the wheel with your knee, and swerving left to right. Now you people who still have the cd’s are all right with me for another couple years, cuz I think I was the last person to have tapes in my tape deck. That was until someone stole my box out of my Pontiac Grand Doo Doo circa 1990 (yea I’ll talk about the piece of garbage one day).

But cd's have become the new tape. To me at least. I wish I had an ipod for every sporting event I ever participated in. Besides this summer league basketball and real competitive flag football league I play in, working out is easier than holding that Walkman whatever they call that historic piece of machinery.

Think about besides and ipod there are so many other options for the mp3's and small music devices but the ipod is a hit in my book. The down side for me is... that's hard. There really isn't one. The only cd’s I buy now are from my boy Jay (He still wants to be a rapper). He on some Master P junk can't knock the hustle... hope he gets Master P money but not Master P w/ Romeo.

But quick story: If you buy and ipod and decide to jump on the treadmill, don't look down and try to change the song. Make a play list because big man in the weight room look down for a second and hit face first into the moving sidewalk. Sad. In my mind: I was like damn, there gonna make a restriction rule on ipods now. That was a bad thought seeing dude on his face and rolled over like a dead elephant but I'm no doctor so I couldn't do anything. But foreal, if they make a rule like that, then I'm going to a new joint. They got an Athletic club opening that is supposedly like a country club. It's 2x more the cost I'm paying now but... nah I'll stay at the Y and listen to the club music if they get rid of the ipod.

My advice to old dude who doesn't read this blog: Make a play list.

So, I'm not getting paid or even working for apple but my ipod is one of the greatest inventions ever made and until they make something better, I'm gonna ride with my ipod.

What's on my ipod:
Heavy rotate: Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor
Ludacris- Release Therapy
The Roots- Game Theory
It's aiight but could have been better: Meth- 4:21 the day after
I can’t feel my face Mix tape

leave some love... stay blessed my people.

Monday, October 23, 2006

African -American Express

Good Morning folks, what it do? Now we all have those moments where we step out ourselves for a second whether it is personal or business oriented. Now I do not encourage nor discourage pulling the black card but there are times when a quick swipe of the card should be used.

For instance: I was in the car dealership paying for new tires and a damaged wheel (I will not display the dealership because I don't want no heat but email me and I could tell you) (I won't disclose the car because then you could figure out my income :-)) So that's a high price tag and my mom was also present.

Brief History: I've been going to this car dealership since I returned home from Hampton (about 4 times) and never really had a problem... got the regular service and that was it... they suggested tires 2x so I decided to take their advice the second time and get them.

So my mom and me get to the dealership and we ask the service guy about making payment and pickup of my vehicle. He looked up and pointed to where we should go. He didn't say much and if he did all I saw was a finger. Now the finger pointing can be disrespectful but lets play baseball, Stttttttttrike One.

We walked around the corner and there was no cashier. We stood there for a while and still no one. To my left I see two mofos that will never advance past this position in their lives having a merry conversation and look over at my mom and me. Keeping track. Sttttttttttttttrike Two.

So then a service rep literally walks right past us standing there and doesn't page anyone at all. Goes and talks to the two 40 year old virgins and chuckles it up with them. Stttttttrike Three. You got it. Their out. I got back to the service desk and ask the lady, who waited on me my prior visit and asked her to page somebody. Her response, "oh, no one's over there?" Stupid a**, she knew that junk. You’re sitting 7 feet away. So she pages them. In My Mind: I'm thinking I gotta call Al Sharpton as soon as I get outta here but that would be extreme. Customer Service should be an organizations #2 priority. The First is Quality Employees. They messed up on that one.

So I tell mom, I want to talk to these to degenerates to my left. My mom being my calm wind at the storm that was brewing told me not to. She then pointed to a survey. Now here this, I love my momma, she's an intelligent, wise, beautiful person and I recommend everyone to take a page from her book. But a survey? As my sister would say: "Oh come on!" Those managers and supervisors are going to look at that junk, pass it around and have an inner circle meeting to improve it.

That ain't enough for me, no sir, someone has to feel the wrath and be made an example thru disciplinary actions. I don't want anyone to lose their job but when people know the scope is on them they pay attention to detail and clean house a bit. A survey is like the scene in White Chicks when she was talking bout writing a letter. I'm against it because you don't know who's hands that's going to get into. So the cashier lady knew I was pissed off but my mom made sure she knew she was pissed off because she kept pointing to the survey in the window. Truth be told, that survey is going to get three copies. Snailed, Faxed, and Emailed. Somebody's gonna here about this. So what's the lesson learned: Everyone should take a page from Bed Bath and Beyond, They customer service is overwhelming to the point, damn fool I know what I want. They ask if you need help ery' 5 seconds.

Quote of the week:

"if dudes don't look at your girl, then she ugly." - Gus