Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank you to the Mangoes...

You have to enjoy this thing called life... Its amazing that I had a craving for mangoes this morning. Not just because they were already sliced and ripe but a mango might have saved my life. There was an accident on my way to work. If I ironed my shirt last night instead of waking up early and not going back to get the mango I could possibly not be typing this blog. I might not be at work. I might miss so much. I might effect the day of so many people. We all should thank a mango sometimes. It may not be a mango. It maybe a phone call from an annoying aunt, it may be a kid dragging a**. It may be a neighbor who has to tell you a story that you don't have time for. It may be a traffic light that has an electrical error. Thank it. So I thank my mom for giving me the grocery list and calling me back because she forgot to give me the money. I thank the kids I coach that ask for help after practice. I thank the 1:58 phone call from my boss when I leave at 2, just to have me there til 2:03. Thanks because of these I still can type, walk, sleep, eat, lift weights, cook, smell the roses and best of all laugh. Life is great and better is on the way.

Peace and Blessings


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

ButterFlies and Flowers

It has been a long time... too long. I use to talk so much trash on this blog. Now I'm back so I can continue this. So much has changed with me. I have grown a lot and I continue to grow. I went thru a stage of depression but beer got me out of that. I continue to work a lot and not enjoy life when I do so. I still buy things I don't need and still remain in a job I wish paid more. Anyway besides that... this will be my vent area whether any reads or not.

The purpose of this title is I think that my voice is mono-tone because people answer my questions with "I'm not complaining or anything". If you were complaining would I really care... No. When you ask people how they are doing and they hit you with the cliche of "I can't complain, and if I did no one would listen" Well in my book that's the truth. We all have problems and we all have adversity face us so why actually complain. Back to my point on where people tend to want you always answer their dumb questions with a smile. I do believe in both dumb people and dumb questions. But for the most part I believe in dumb people more.

Its amazing how I can go thru the day and miss all the great things and one bad moment or ignorant m*****f***er can mess it all up. So with my voice, I don't feel like I yell I just get agitated with having to correct stupidity. I think some people know you don't feel like hearing their annoying voice or smelling their hot Monday morning, i just drank some coffee and an ate a s**t bagel with extra moth balls cream cheese and oh yeah I forgot to brush my teeth breath. So my voice isn't butterflies and flowers, and its not mono-tone, its more get to the point so I can walk away and realize you wasted 45 seconds of my life o-tone. Some people all seek assurance in my voice and all I feel is blah.

Butterflies live 1 week to 1 year depending on species and flowers usually die and return later or something. So I see why people want that point. Its a temporary time where people always want you to smile. Hope this makes sense to me when I read it later. Peace and Blessings.