Thursday, January 04, 2007

I truly wonder what they thinking?

"Sinnin or not, I'm grinnin a lot, spendin a knot...' Jadakiss

Whats krackin? I feel alot better today... I think I'm past my rut so let me bust a... shut yo mouth. So I was at the eye doctor yesterday and a comment bothered me that the secretary or whatever she wants to be called... I'll give her a nickname Whining Beyotch (WB for short)...

So I sign in and I waited probably 5 minutes before I was taken (White Doctor, Not the nucca I'mma bout to go see). But prior to me getting blinded the WB asks me if I follow basketball... I say "I watch football more than all but I know eenough..." she was saying how Allen Iverson got ejected the night before... I saw the game mostly the second half because I had to work but I knew what she was talking about... She then compared TO to AI (Very Similar but what the hell ever) Ok the comment that bothered me was this: " I can't see how THESE PEOPLE act like that when they make all that money..." O kay I'm not a hockey fan nor a baseball fan but I'm a Philly fan living here in Pro- Sport Less Delawhere? Why didn't she say Eric Lindros or Scott Rolen... Them mofos wanted out of Philly too but She mentioned the brothers.

Now I don't whip out the African American Express when its highly inappropriate or not even worth it so I let that go and laughed. The four above mentioned athletes spent good years and were of high value to their teams but in 3/4 of them (Minus TO) were here a long time and needed new scenery. Her Fat WB Ass sitting there with her funions complaining made no sense because she know damn well if I offered her $200 to wash my car she would... Or if I said I'm going to send you to Flordia because they can offer you a better bag of chips.... Another occasion this occured is when the accountant I my Dad's office called me and my sister "You People"

She may have been mad but hold the hell up, they just started trusting people who look like you (Bin Laden-esqe) about a week ago so what your tone and technically I can get your ass fired. Now black folk don't call Al "Do" Sharpton when you feel offended by: "boy", "these people" "you people" "girl"... etc (____, add your own) just let it roll and right a blog about... because you could probably have an entry ery day. Do call Al or Me if a mofo gets reckless and pulls a Krammer, Coon, WaterMelon Thief, A monkey's cosuin... Sausage lips, shit like that... I'm not racist I sit down around most people (Can't stand em) but we got to look at every person as a friend we haven't met... Oh shit that was real homoerotic I'm gonna go watch some porn, or sit in a bar for a few hours to get that soft side away from me... So the message is clearly "Fuck what people say, just read this blog"

Good Day

"I got the tape, you are a wild dude" (Chris about Me on New Year's Eve) < It'll probably be on youtube shortly.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2007: Rougth Start

"...I strive for my pay each and every way but this type of shit it happens everyday It's like I'm trapped in a maze walk around in a daze I won't rest 'til I'm paid or I'm down in my grave ..."


What it ain't? Sorry you haven't heard from but 2007 had a rough start.... Well I drank and me drinking got me to losing my phone... My treo is somewhat of a big deal... I treat her bad but she always came through for me... My next one I'm gonna name Lucille after Anthony Hamilton's song and take real good care of her... My car winshield split... There's a story if you call me next week I'll tell you... but for covering my ass Its cold out and weather jacked my junk up.... I chopped a piece of finger off at work... its not that big it just felt bad as with the way things are going... My mojo is all jacked up in this young ass year but I know by two months from now I'll refer back to this piece and laugh...

So me and Jose Cuervo met over the New Year's Celebration and we just don't get along... That nigga can bring the ugly outta of my little sister...( I pray that she follows a more classy path with Champale or something). I had some of that junk too... I think they were fighting with the redstripe, heinekin, jose and water that was in my stomach because I eventually kissed the white porcelin god... Oh well I won't be drinking like that for awhile.... So 2007 will always be remebered as the year that I started off shitttay but they don't call me Flipmode for nothing.

"I brought that shit, I don't give a fuck..." Jey Bryant (New Year's Eve)