Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm Back

"Now tell the truth; I'm like a mechanic when I work my tool " Z-Ro

Now I know my entrance was inappropriate but what the hell ever, I had to make a mark so you knew I was in here... I've been on a hiatus, MIA, Slipping and whatever slang you kids use nowadays... Okay so down to what's going, I got my cellie back so if you read this and don't read your email then give me a call...

This weekend was sfg (so f---ing great) I needed to refuel my alchol tank because that junk was empty since New Year's... and boy did I, If I embarrassed you then f-ck you... let me stop. The Ski trip was hot and I'm planning my joint to Colorado next year at this moment. On Monday Martin Luther the King Jr Day I slept recovering from the trip but Tavis Smiley (frat) was at the waterfront talking junk on white people so I had to go listen, Brother man went hard and it wasn't a comedy show but I was laughing like he was Ced. When people speak the truth you got to laugh, like I laughed when the guy posted that comment on a CNN blog about how black folk complain to much... Its funny but true. He was talking so strong the nucca ain't even stay to take a picture because clearly he dissed the white folk and had them all uncomfortable so before they could pull the rope out he hit the jet and headed back to LA.

Other thoughts, I get emails about my food but I need sleep and I can't help it, I be cooking but a nucca need a break, I'mma do it, you'll see.

Anyways I waiting on 2 things that counteract off each other: Scenario 1, If I'm granted the Tuition reimbursement from my job, I'm going to move out and buy a house.... If I'm not I'm still going to move out get an apartment with my boys and go in to a spiraling debt. So that's that and I'll holla later...

"I'm not a an alcholic because alcholism is a disease and I'm disease free..." ib