Thursday, December 14, 2006

Contemplating My Future

"They say attitude determines your latititude... so if it does that means I'm high as motherf-cker fly as a motherf-cker..." Kanye West

WHASSUP!!!! The other day I was meditating (no hippie junk just no tv no phone, no nothing and staring at the wall) and I was trying to picture my future... I was trying to picture what I'd be doing , where I'd be and I as usual couldn't visualize it. I even went as far a seeing my kids and seeing the possible wife and job... She had no face don't worry because I don't want to get all hyped for nothing. Actually it was Nia Long but that dream has reoccured since I was 14... That got me to thinking... Whoever she may be... what is my future wife (if I gert married) doing at this moment...

She could be: a stripper paying her way thru school and become a sucessful lawyer. Now just think you could never take her to the tittay bar because erybody knows her. The dj sending shoutouts and the bouncer is all huggie dovie with her... now your thinking is there something you need to tell me? she could be wearing clear heels at this moment or working the vegas strip... or just be a straight up hoe.... Like that commerical from comedy central when they said " Before settling down Mary Jane had sex with 426 guys..." I for sure don't want that but its not a bad thing...

She could be a sucess when I meet her... good for me then... less work trying to buy the lavish things and more of enjoying the things that I like... Thats far off because that vision is blurry.

Maybe she has a kid or already divorced... I want to do this as something fresh for both of us so thats blurry too...

She could be like an exotic princess who I dazzle with my culirnay skills and she makes me heir to the throne of Zamunda.

My crib was tight and it was nice because thas all I expect... but this future signifgant other bothers me... it could be a close friend... and new friend, and old friend, or a coworker (eww a caf lady... ah hell nah). I wonder what shes doing at this very moment.... hopefully she is getting her stuff togeather becuase I am.

"I send no subliminal shots... I just speak the truth..." ib

Monday, December 11, 2006

It is All A Front...

"Others will copy me but repeat my shit sloppily..." KRS One

What's Up... Well I've been on the new job for a week and I have no complaints, just getting a feel for the joint to see what it's like and to see how this operation works. Its pretty easy and I'm usually gone by 12:45pm... It Works for me and I get to delegate people who are 3x my age. I know what your thinking how I'm gonna boss around somebody Grandmama. Hey If I don't she'll be out of the job. Now I've seen a lot of drama or that leading up to drama in the kitchen area and I must say that its all pretty much lame. The HNIC noticed that I was lifting heavy 4 inch pans for some of the ladies... So she got tough talking to the lady and was like: " If you can't lift 30 lbs your out of the job..." So the lady cried and apologized to me... I'm no jerk but it wasn't that serious.

The HNIC has been real nice to me as of lately and I feel the this is a bull shit act coming up soon... Think about it... your in a relationship for a while and 3 months in your signifigant other has unloaded the baggage.... not only from the carry on but also the uncarriage of their plane... Some times it comes quicker than usual, like after an hour or 20 minutes of meeting someone... For instance with me, my lastest favorite question is: "Are you crazy?" and if they immeadiately answer with a prompt no, you know that's some bull. The common answers are: "I like to give space" or " I'm not like other girls" or the granddaddy of them all "I don't have time for that." So many women use that... all this goes hand in hand with your boss they will never say they are a bad supervisor (girlfriend, boyfriend, booty buddy, friend)...

They will never say that they overwhelm their employees (signifigant others, give em some space) and they will never say they will do their employee's jobs if they slacking (masterbastion, jk)... I understand that you want to be all cute and cuddly in the begining, then reality kicks in the kithchen is messy (your bed is undone), you show up late to work (you miss and important occasion), or you need to make a critical decsion like promote or fire somebody (go to vegas with the crew or stay and watch Love Jones on DVD)...

The Movie I heart Huckabee's is a good example of this... if you haven't seen it, it pretty much describes how everything is everthing at one point and nothing is attached. It techinically is true but in the long run everything is the same... My blog was hot when I started and you know it, now people read this or not and say "Where this nucca been at?" Well what the hell ever... Every relationship you are involved in from the begining to about 4 months laters depending on the scale of things is front, point in example:

Babies and Parents: Your Parents put up with your shit until you learned your first cuss word after that it was no more aww isn't he cute and cuddly but more like say sometheing else in public to embarass me and Imma buss that little ass.

Boyfriend and Girlfriend: Aww you complete me and you understand all the things wrong in my life... 3 months later boyfriend is still obsessed with beer and sex, girlfriend wants to shop and always be out to eat. (Realize your vain and I'm not talking about you ;-) )

Married people, lets have sex sex sex... wife realizes that this is all this mofo wants to do after 6 months.... she tendsto get bored and so does he so after 6 months they file for divorce for what, you guessed it, Irreconcibile Differences or whatever....

Friendships: He's your boy at first and then every thing the nigga does is annoying, chewing gum, talking, just be a wack dude... I am not talking about naybody who read this blog of course, lol.

Boss to employee: You are here because I hired you, a week later: " Niggga You Still Ain't Got It"

You know what I mean and its all a front in the begining so you need some time to feel a mofo out to see what they about... that ryhmed. stay blessed.

"Your role as a father is to keep your daughter off the pole..." Chris Rock

Sunday, December 10, 2006

You Know who you look like?

"Sturggle Another reason to show that God love you..." Lupe Fiasco

Hello folks, I apologize tremendously for leaving you yerning to read my blog... I got to stay fresh but with this new job I'm either sleeping or wishing I was sleeping... So without further a do here we gooooo....
So on to my topic: at first I thought people saying I look like a celebrity was aiight but now it's gettin a little out of hand. It all started in Highschool. I went to a predominantly white school so besides thinking that they think that we all looked a like in the school they always compared me to Chris Tucker. Ok, Friday is one of my favorites and Weed Smokers worldwide and minus the fact that I had a 'fro was enough for people to say I look like Chris. We have a lot in common... We are both clebrities (in our own right), we both make people laugh, we both talk high pitched when we want a point to get across. But we do have major diffferences: he can turn down $20 million dollar movie rolls (I would only turn down a gay porn), he can get random people to help get rid of their weed, and he can make funny of Chinese people and not get karate chopped. So I feel that maybe a picture or a quick glance can have many mistaken.
Then this summer has brought on a new one to me... Chris Webber. Another Chris I think would be a cool dude. He's just like the other Chris, he smoked weed at one point in his life and that's enough said on that. The niggas taller than me and used to day Tyra Banks... I'm shorter than him and I used to date... let me not name drop, lets just say she wouldn't be on America's Next Top Model but maybe as a guest on her show for "Crazy Chicks who Will Attempt to Mess up a Nucca's Life" Women love dude and women love me too but I don't have a fan club outside of my house. He can dunk I can dunk, he gets invited to rap videos, I get invited to house parties by maried women I go to school with. He has a chance to win a NBA championship, I won the New Castle County Men's Summer League Division B ( we got a $10 gift certificate, he gets like $48000 a game, no comparison). Well those lasies said it was good thing so whatever but I don't get any play off of that. I look like I should play basketball but I woulnd't even make the JV team at your local Y nowadays.

The last and partially the most akward one I've heard was Andre 3000. Yes Dre from outcast. It was a Chef at my school who was in passing and was like you look like Andre. I was thinking Andre could be the janitor at the school or a man who fixed his car one time but he shooted with Andre 3000 from Outcast. Now I am huge Outcast fan (Aquemni top 10 cds of alltime) but "come on" this nucca couldn't be serious. He probably would have said anything or anybody like "you look like Jamal my neighbor." Note to white folks we all don't look a like. That's why I beleive that a lot of crimes may and can be mistaken identity. Just think If I was in a line up of these guys and one of us decided to rob an old lady and she saw us... She would pick me becuase I got the least amount of money. Let me stop... This nucca can rap and somewhat sing... My album "Future Elevator Music" Drops this Tuesday in my shower. He has a hilarious cartoon show, I watch the boondocks whenever its on. He got with Paula Patton in Idlewild, We won't name drop once again. He has platinum album sales I have about 6 people who read this site and that includes myslef. nUFF sAID.

Now all these dudes probably have many groupies and I might to but they haven't thrown any panties at me in public. They are all rich and famous ( I haven't hit that plateau YET). They all have money, cars, entertain folks, and are recognized worldwide. I have some money, I technically have driven 22 cars since I got my license, and your reading this and laughing so we are even. U be the judge: Who do I really look like but the most important thing for me is who Do I want to be...( that touched your heart and you know it)Now its hard out here for someone who gets comparison to these famous folks but hey, all 4 of us are sucessful in our own right and I have never been compared to Emerill Legassey so Gusess wht I'm going to be the best looking chef and maybe the next comparison to a future inspired blogger. Stay Blessed.
"I've got 3 words for that... Oh Hell Nah..." Cheez
Recipie coming soon.