Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Just Cut my Damn Hair...

"You can't beat me 'cause you ain't man enough nigga
I look him in the eye and tell him man up nigga
You really getting money? Throw a grand up nigga
Wanna fight? You should've hit me when you ran up nigga..." TI

How's it hanging? Guess good cuz your bored enough to read this... Well I just got my hair cut and I';ve been in the midst of finding a new barber because the last one dug deep into my head the one before that didn't know what an edge up (shape up) was and left me wit a spot one weekend. Now its crazy but I do have a top 5 baber list and one of em will never be able to bless my head again but he was the best (RIP Zeb), Then there's Cliff, Will, Carlos and Perk... Cliff is back in Texas this nucca use to come to my house when I live in VA... Showed me haow to whoop nuccas quick in chess. Carlos is in VA and my college teamates was ready to whoop him one time but never happend... Will is in Miami, nuff said... Perk needs an apointment and he getting old anyway I don't rock a pee wee anymore.

So I went to this new a dude and told him straight up I got 13 $ AND can he hook me up with a 1 blade all over... He cool, simple baber slang, I think they teach you that first at ITT Tech or something... Its not like I ever say can I get a ceaser deluxe with a Hampton and a fade to the beard because... I ain't got time for that... Or you can just point to the nigga in the picture and say I want that ... no, a one blade all over son... So the other nigga I been to realized I wasn't caoming to him and looked saudy... He had a sucker ( I mean customer) already and I was tryin to be out... Fuck em, A hair cut should have no loyalty unless its tight, man law.

So I sit down in this dudes chair and he complaing about Michael Basson on the radio talking to much and the wino chimes in and says I can't stand that suff neither man. I know the wino ain't got no radio or car so how he know or care. So He plays a cd... by the looks of dude he look like he bout to put on some jada or pac or something poetic thugish, nah mean? Nah this nigga puts on Avant... Aiight its cool but there ain't a damn woman in the place, what in the hell you bout to go to sleep or sumethin? Then he was like I ain't feelin this so he put on some cassie or something, then starting sining it...? I'm puzzled as fuck but don't want to budge cuz he might jack my dome so I interior chuckle and keep it moving... Then he was like nah and hits the next track, which is Beyonce... To the left to the left... I can't believe this nigga just said that... Not the fact that he said but the way he said it, like he practice that joint in the mirror before he go out... Then He skipped over lil scrappy joint... I've been thru my r&b phase (no pun intended) but thats ridiculous... He finished and did all right but can't even crack the top 6 because of his fake ass I'mma thug but I got that new Beyonce Cd moniker... I ain't hating but dude was pushing it like it was an eryday thing...

"At least her teeth were straight" mike

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'M Done with My Sabbatical...

"Homey, you all front backwards if you chasin a b*tch
Stupid - chase the paper they come with the shit ..." 50

I know I used that quote before but its the truth... And if you are offeneded by the word Bitch obviously you are one... So fuck all ya'll hoes to... Upset, well we know where you stand... See I wouldn't respond if somebody was like " Hey you light skinned mofo..." You feel me... So now that I have cleared up that situation lets talk trash shall we.

I've been busy and I lazy... I had mad junk to talk about I can only seem to sit at a computer for like 20 minutes now... I think I have CDD: Computer Defecit Disorder... I hate have excuses but its the truth... I'm somewhat bored typin this but I shall continue... Well nothin is changed at work but there was a fight wit 2 girls... My grandmother once said " You can always tell when its hot outside, niggas start acting up..." My grandmother never said that but I love when people call on the old wise people to say words of advice... So I here somebody getting tagged outside the cafe and I was like damn somebody is getting recked... So I watched for like 10 seconds as weaved was grabbed and words were said... Then the displinarian folks showed up and broke up my free pay per view... I had 3 row seats and great audio... So As I saw 5 dudes tryin to hold back a toothpick and little meatball ( thats how they were shaped) I remembered my contract about helping... There's a good samaritian rule or soemthing...

So I ran out there and I'm not a pervert I saw a boobie... okay it could have been a 18 year old boobie but I backed up cuz this job got good benefits and all she need to say is the the perverted cafe man fondled me. I let her adjust an assisted the displinarians seperate the 2 girls.... The one younger dude grabbed meatball and the nerdy dude grabbed toothpick and sperated them... Toothpick got whooped of course and to save face she yellled" She snuck me..." the white ladies were like: "What is snuck?" I told that later that is like saying sucker punch dude... but anyway her weave was on the floor... Okay u have a patch of hair on the floor and your worried about a sneak punch... If I'm still standing and you just ripped out 6 months of weave and its Friday... all hell nah... we fighting cuz I got to get a touch up... thats like me throwing hands with my barber and he jabs me then gives me a bowl cut without finishing... Now thats pushing but women got more to worry about... thats not it... after meatball was taking away she came charging back... so i did the first thing that came to my mind... tripped her... I know that's cruel but to save toothpick I had to... she could have hurst somebody...

My next thought was: These two eat breakfast... damnit, only 5 % of the school eat breakfast so there goes my breakfast portion... Oh well... I seen em later so they probably just got suspended... I'm glad they weren't expelled because now I keep 2 customers. stay blessed and stay tuned I'm back like Jay.

Congrats to all my friends who are having kids, getting married, and moving on to a new chapter, Yes you are getting old and don't worry I shall keep the strippes company... one love.