Monday, December 04, 2006

This is the First Day of the rest of your life....

"Don't watch me, watch tv..." Juelz

Good Evening.... been getting a few complaints since I have no time but I'm going to write as early and as often as I can so be irriatated if you wish.. at least I know I've been missed.

That quote (the title) never made sense to me... It should be unsaid like "It's always in the last place you look" or "there are plenty fish in the sea." The title could go for everyday, I mean isn't the next day always the first day of the rest of your life... or when your looking for something some jack ass always says "it's always in the last place you look." Obviously Eintstein. The latter is the same and comparing women to fish is not the most flattering thing, if you know what I mean even tho some of ya'll can freshin' up. My musk and your musk are 2 different things. If your offendend by that then you stink. Just like when some says hoes or bitches, only hoes are bithces get offended. Or he dresses gay... looks like a duck, walks like a duck, guess what you fly south for the winter, keep it moving pimp and pimpetes don't let words effect your mental or physical for that matter.

So after my mini tirade about those oh so hate quotes I bring you my first day on my new job/venture. Its early but its easy and the day goes by fast. I know their gonna hit me with some hard stuff one day but until that happens lets just. I get there by like 6:00 and I got like janitor keys, I fiddling thru my keys having to unlock erything. Its all turning on ovens and being sanitary and heating food properly. I feel like me being or trying to be a chef is minimal because it's alot of heating up and placing in warmers... well at least the benefits are good and I don't have to be chasing and running all over the place. Got to re read my sanitary manual before somebody gets food poisioning. My assitant cook is this lady named "Tanna" I think. Sound black but shes white as rice in a snowstorm. She's slow as all hell too... My ood temp dropped at one point cause she didn't run my food. Okay you probably like give granny a break but her ass read the job description put a pep in the step. She needs to drink some Ovaltine or whatever they drink. The other ladies I'm extremely worried about they drink soda all day... I kill the water so I don't pass out from heat exhaustion becuase my ovens (my? lol) are at 350 and up all day and there are 8 I'm surrounded by.

They kicked one lady out of a locker and put me in the first locker. I felt flattered but felt like a bully almost casue she had to go to the bottom row (does she read this? no... so f*ck her) Let me stop talking bout people. But foreal...

I was tired but you know I got down so it's nothing to me... Anyways the day was over by 1:30 and I was home to pick up the kid I mentor and we kicked it until I couldn't take him no more. Came home took a power nap and did some ab work. So this is what I will probably do for 5 years so I can collect the pension on ealry retirement. I wear scrubs and I'm the only one who changes because if there's an accident on the side of the road I don't want to be mistaken for a doctor and have to save people. All in all I'm good and I hope you are too... have a good night, day or whatever you do and I'll holla atcha tommorow....

"I'm not a doctor I just play one in a highschool cafeteria..." ib

By the way I'm automatically signed up to the faculty basketball team because I'm 6'5 or something but I might play like dude of the Office and straight suck so I can sit down... The breakfest went up 131 from the last and my manager said it was to me because people called out sick and I had to serve food. I don't even make eye contact with them girls cause clearly that's jail time and R. Kelly is no role model of mine!