Friday, February 09, 2007

Questions I've Been Pondering

"Woke up quick at about noon... just thought that I had to be in Compton soon, gotta get drunk before the day begins before my mother starts bitchin about my friends..." _ Easy E

It s late I just got off work, I got class in like 7 hours but who cares....
I had three questions that have been nagging me all day...

1. When it says "Hows my driving?" On the back of a vehicle is there any real loser that copies the numbers and calls and says " Hey driver #3-35hoe50 is doing a great job" or " that mofo #jh5069 cut me off " That phone line doesn't even work I bet... You probably call a dead line and theres a mofo on that line laughin just to tell you your a dumbass...

2. Ever watch comicview when dude was like if your going to fire me do it the begining of the day... Well they fired another paint chip eater ( caf lady) and its fucking Friday... Nigga I will cut your ass if you knew you were going to fire me all day and then tell me when i getting off and going home. That shit could mess your weekend up... Think about it... I could get fired on Tuesday and have a new job by Friday but, you just fired me on Friday and messed up my entire weekend. I have a blade chillen in the truck waiting to snip you.

3. The question that has no reason to be followed up... If I ask " Were you at the meeting?" and you say "no" and then " Did you go?" makes no fucking sense at all... Why in the hell would I ask you... Unless its a 300 member meeting or something lets make sense. I asked you because I wanted to know what happened.

Thats all.

"Middle Finger to Life..." Weezy

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