Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Thank you to the Mangoes...

You have to enjoy this thing called life... Its amazing that I had a craving for mangoes this morning. Not just because they were already sliced and ripe but a mango might have saved my life. There was an accident on my way to work. If I ironed my shirt last night instead of waking up early and not going back to get the mango I could possibly not be typing this blog. I might not be at work. I might miss so much. I might effect the day of so many people. We all should thank a mango sometimes. It may not be a mango. It maybe a phone call from an annoying aunt, it may be a kid dragging a**. It may be a neighbor who has to tell you a story that you don't have time for. It may be a traffic light that has an electrical error. Thank it. So I thank my mom for giving me the grocery list and calling me back because she forgot to give me the money. I thank the kids I coach that ask for help after practice. I thank the 1:58 phone call from my boss when I leave at 2, just to have me there til 2:03. Thanks because of these I still can type, walk, sleep, eat, lift weights, cook, smell the roses and best of all laugh. Life is great and better is on the way.

Peace and Blessings


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